Westminster Presbyterian Church


The Music Ministry of Westminster Presbyterian Church is committed to musical excellence as our appropriate offering to God in worship. We believe the purpose of music in worship is to lead and assist the congregation in celebrating the liturgy for the day, proclaiming the Gospel, and experiencing the Word. Church Music should exalt God rather than human feelings. Music should be scripturally grounded and reflect the theme and particular Sunday or season of the church year. Church music must involve the people and creatively seek new means to effectively express the eternal revelations and mystery of God. Through music one's faith and commitment to the church may grow. Music can be one of the best teachers of Christian education and theology for children, youth, and adults. Therefore, Westminster church and its leaders must continue to support, nurture, and develop our choirs for all ages and insist on music with artistic integrity that is theologically sound and liturgically appropriate.

Director: Dr. John W. Semingson


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