Second Presbyterian Church


A Message from Director of Music Ministries

“Lord, we bring our gift of music; touch our lips and fire our hearts. Teach our minds and train our senses; fit us for these sacred arts. Then with skill and consecration we would serve you, Lord, and give all our powers to glorify you, and in serving fully live.”

--Albert F. Bayly

I love these words from the hymn “When the Morning Stars Together,” for they remind us of several things: we need God’s help in order to fulfill our calling as musicians in ministry; we come together and give up some degree of our individuality for the sake of the whole; and we need and depend upon each other and upon God to do our work well. While each individual voice is unique and complete in itself, none of us can make harmony alone. In this way, the choir is a rich metaphor for the church and for the Christian life. The hymn also challenges us to keep God at the center of all our musical offerings. Rather than view our singing as “performance”, we must strive to use the gifts God gave us to be God’s voice to the church. In so doing, we discover that our own lives are deeply enriched

Music conveys our theology. As such, we must offer music of substance with artistic integrity. Our musical offerings must be theologically sound and liturgically suitable, grounded in the liturgy and word for the day and/or season.

I invite you to read about the ensembles that make up our Ministry of Music. I encourage you to consider participation in the music ministry of Second Presbyterian Church! It is my sincere desire that you will find fellowship in the company of others who enjoy making music together in this place.  I believe that the music we make together can transform your life.

Music Minister: Jeannette MacCallum

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