Ethos Ensembles meet weekly at locations around Rutherford County.

Ethos Youth Ensembles service students in Middle Tennessee, Northern Alabama, and Southern Kentucky from grades 2 through 12. Comprised of five instrumental ensembles and a graded children’s choir program, the Ethos Ensembles put on four concerts each year as a part of the Ethos Concert Series in addition to invited performances at venues across Tennessee.

Students in Ethos Ensembles are taught not only by talented ensemble conductors, but also by a series of Nationally-Renowned Master Teachers and Artists-in-Residence from local professional ensembles.  We also have a firm commitment to and work closely with the school-based ensemble; studies come first and we exist to supplement the learning objectives found in the school bands, choirs, and orchestras by exposing students to other talented, driven students with similar interests.

Director: Dr. Brian Russel

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